Beautiful French quotes

I found these cards in Montreal a couple of months ago. I thought they were beautiful and therefore decided to take some pictures of them.

Beautiful love quotes (that I think are actually songs) in French:

I still don’t know how to resist you
You are the most beautiful idea in the world

His heart is a party
Mine does not want to leave
She is the most beautiful season of my life

I think about you often
Often or rather all the time
And I will do my best
To be there
When you need me
I promise you this

There are so many wonders
That you have not shown me yet
When I wake up
I always want you by my side

You are my love
You are my mistress
You’re all that I want,
you’re all that I’ve wanted

She is a hundred times more beautiful than the verb love
She ignites the sun
In the middle of the summer

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