Good things come to those who wait

At least that’s how the saying goes. Maybe that’s true though, but the wait time is very different from case to case. I guess how long you have to wait, and be patient, depends on the situation. I earlier wrote about rejections and having to wait in relation to my job hunting and now my hard work has finally paid off.

On Thursday, I received a call regarding a position I had applied for. I was so nervous because I wanted this so badly. Imagine my happiness when they said that they wanted to offer me the job! I signed my work contract yesterday and it feels great. After weeks (months) of job hunting I finally got there – I am employed. My new work title is “Marketing Communications Manager” (or “Marknadskommunikatör” in Swedish) and I couldn’t be happier.

Many applications sent, a bunch of interviews to get through, some rejections, some work tests to be done, tough competition, a lot of time and energy spent, and finally it led to this. Job hunting is not an easy task and it can take its toll on you, but it’s important to never give up and hope that good things will indeed come to those who wait (and especially to those who work really hard for it).

I am so ready for this new exciting challenge and I can’t wait to start!

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