About Me


My name is Emelie. I’m 28 years old and I come from Sundsvall, Sweden. My passions in life are: family, friendship, traveling, languages, writing, shoes, tattoos, books, and love.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I therefore started a blog at blogg.se in 2007 where I have been blogging ever since (emeylie.blogg.se). However, I now wanted my own website, one which could host all my different blogs – I have a personal one in Swedish (which is password protected, since it’s only intended for close friends and family) and a general one i English. The reason why I want to write in both Swedish and English is because one of my interests has always been languages, which is why I’ve been studying at the Bachelor Programme in Language Studies at Uppsala University and through that I now have two bachelor degrees – one in English and one in French.

So why the name emeylie? Well, when I created my blog at blogg.se in 2007 I wanted to have a specific blogger name similar to my own name (Emelie), but still somewhat different and unique. I tried many different ones until I finally decided on emeylie. It’s almost emelie, but with a twist so to speak. My blog has therefore ever since 2007 been emeylie and I decided to keep that name for my website, because that’s a name that I feel connected to now. I am also emeylie at other web-based platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

My goal is to use my experience of other countries and cultures in a future profession, as well as my interest and knowledge in languages. In 2014, from January until May, I did an internship at St. George’s School of Montreal, where my work title was Information Officer. During my internship I worked on multiple projects within the Department of Communications and Advancement, and this internship has served as an opportunity for me to use and develop my knowledge of English and French further.

I moved to Montreal in September 2014 and have between October that year until June 2017 been working part-time at IKEA Montreal. However, I’ve since my internship in 2014 wanted to work within communications. I feel that with my knowledge and experience I would be a great asset both within the field of communications and also within other areas, in English and French. In January 2015 I started taking distance courses in media and communications and I’ve been studying communications until I in June 2017 obtained my University Diploma in Media and Communications. I’ve also done an internship in communications with Payza between February and June 2017 and in June I was offered a full-time position at Payza as their Communications and Marketing Coordinator, starting in July.

If you would like to know more about me, or would like to read my CV or cover letter, feel free to write me a comment or send an e-mail to emelie@soderlundlarfors.se.

Otherwise, I hope you’ll enjoy my website!

Me by Niagara Falls in May, 2014!